Welcome to “Things Cross My Mind” blog. I am not a pastor, but I’m very dedicated to sharing the truth when I can. I love answering questions, especially when I feel confident about the answers. I desire correct interpretation of Scripture, in light of historical and literary context. If I think something is inaccurate I will not write it for you. If I make a mistake I will update the blog post. In other words, this blog is my human attempt at sharing the Gospel, I am weak but God is strong.

There is a YouTube channel I may use to include video blog entries. Right now I am beginning a playlist of helpful Christian videos I find.

The Holy Spirit is amazing and God has blessed me to know His Son, Jesus Christ, who died for me while I was in wretched sins. I still have garbage in my life. I’m imperfect with a past, but I’m blessed to be preoccupied with this blog project.

There is a personal God, who is all powerful and able to save you from whatever sins you have committed. There is no sin that can’t be forgiven. Jesus is in all control and that includes His decision to save the lost. Jesus never casts away someone who comes to Him with a sincere, and humble request for salvation (John 6:37). The message of the Cross is God’s love breaking into our world. Bruised and pierced for us (Isaiah 53:5), His Son Jesus died for our sake.

I’m excited to connect with other believers and help the inquisitive understand elements of a personal walk with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.