Belief And Salvation

I believe that salvation is more than simply reciting “Jesus is Lord” because in the time it was written, saying “Jesus is Lord” was a matter of life or death. In today’s easy-believe-ism religion – it’s said like a magic incantation that doesn’t involve true repentance. True salvation comes by surrendering your life to Jesus and asking Him to save you – then you are truly born-again. It’s a free gift, but like the merchant who found a pearl of great price, he sold everything to have it. (I’m not saying go sell everything you own. It’s giving God His rightful authority to reign as Lord in your life) God loves you and you can always turn to Him and ask Him for help.

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All That We See – Science And A Possible Spiritual Reality

I revamped an old audio, and I have a YouTube channel you can check out and subscribe, I’ll try to continue making content and post.


“All That We See”

Science & a possible invisible spiritual reality.

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